3rd & last day in BANDUNG, INDONESIA.

ok ari ni x hire our best gle nye drver Marshal. nk jln2 area2 hotel je. kt my hotel the whole jln ade factory outlet. kali bgn lmbt sket. had breakfast. bubur ayam. sedap gle babeng.
having breakfast kt our guest hse.

dlm kdai jual tshirt bandung. nme die okitawa.

mule2 ingtkn kdai ni club rpenye factory outlet gak, SEXIMO.(nme x bley bla)

aftr shopping kt area our guest hse, grak naik taxi pgy mkn kt dapur sangkuriang. makanan sunda gak. tp x sesedap sindang reret. tp die nye tmpt best.

dapur sangkuriang

aftr lunch, jln kaki pgy RUMAH MODE lgy skali. sbb dkt je ngan restaurant. shopping lgy. x rmai sgt mcm ari tu bcuz ari isnin. tp still kre rmai gak la org sbb tmpt ni popular. then aftr shopping dlm kul 5 lbey kteorg pn blk. bapak susah nak carik taxi.

tgh tggu taxi yg x dpt2. huhuhu.

then dh smpi near hotel kteorg pn pgy mkn kt restaurant yg i x tau nmenye. hahaha. best gak la. i mkn nasi goreng caberawit special and air melon( honey dew) org sne pnggl melon.

my dinner.

bgn pagi sbb nk grak pgy jakarta kul 8am. aftr breakfast nsi goreng, grak pgy kdai kek AMANDA. brownies kukus die bapak sedap. sme org beli berkotak2. i plak pgy amik replika kota bandung. hahaha. xde kje. then grak pgy jakarta. tdr best gle dlm van.

dh smpi jakarta, jam gle babeng, then pgy mangga dua sbb sme nk bli handbag. i got 1. hahaha. then aftr bli handbag trus grak pgy bandara(airport). tp mmg awl kteorg smpi. dlm kul 1 lbey kot. flight kul 5.30 and 6.30. smpi trus carik port psl nk repacking. hahaha. byk gle beg. then sme dh kelaparan kteorg pn mkn kt kdai nme die BASO MALANG. i ngan redz share mie ayam baso. then dh kul 4 kteorg check-in. skali dorg ckp flight kteorg delay smpi kul 7. huhuhu. lpak la kt airport yg bsn tu. nk lpak mcd tp x ley kua so juz jln2 kt dlm tu. nsb baik bwk psp, bley on9 jap. ade wireless.

our luggage. there only 7 of us. we're used 3 trolley.

nsb baik ade tv. tgh ade cte best, collin farrell brlakon. tgh syok2 tgk tbe2 pekerja airport ni slambe badak die je tuka channel brita dorg. bengong je. die bley wat bodo.


this is AQUA juice. its juz normal mineral water but popular in bandung.

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2nd day, trip to bandung.

well my 2nd trip starts at 8am. pepagi our drver dh smpi. bgus2. hehehe so die pn bwk kteorg pgy tmpt volcano. seriously aftr 4 kali pgy ni 1st time pgy tgk sumtink.kalo x shopping je kje. we all pgy KAWAH PUTIH. Marshal yg reccommend kteorg pgy sni instead of tangkuban perahu. its so beautiful. took tons of pic. sbnarnye byk lgy tpe ade dlm my aunts nye camera. perjlnan dlm 1 jam kot. jauh gak la dari kota bandung. dh la berbukit bukau. sejuk gak la walapn terik.

me and redz at kawah putih

1st:redz,cik meh,kak ain,kak faezah. 2nd: penat naik bukit sbb dh lme x naik bukit, hahah.

ok after pgy kawah putih kteorg trus grak pgy bandung, kul 3pm mcm tu bru smpi bandung. lunch kt restaurant sindang reret(makanan sunda). then pgy jln riau. kteorg shop smpi kul 5 lbey. then marshal bwk kteorg pgy kdai sports sbb sme nk bli kasut. byk gle kasut kteorg borong kasot. i got another pair of converse. hehehe. minat kst je.

ni bru half of brg. ade lgy brg kt blik sblah.

x prnh in my life tgk resit bli kasut sepanjang ni. hahaha

aftr bli kasut, kteorg grak pgy THE SECRET, another factory outlet. borong baju lgy. hahaha.

1st: entrance, the secret. 2nd: me,kak ain,kak faezah. nk kua pgy dinner.hehehe

dh penat shopping, grak pgy KAMPUNG DAUN, naik bukit blk. huhuhu. tp naik keta la. hehehe.
best gle. i mkn chicken steak for the 2nd nite in a row. hahaha.

before and after. licin bai!!!

dinner time and our desert.

dats all for 2nd day of our trip. next post is the 3rd day. enjoy.

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back from BANDUNG TRIP!!!!

hey guys, smlm sbnarnye i smpi tp dh kul 1 pagi so x larat nk on9 so juz trus tdr

ok a picture contains a thousand words, enough said! i took tons of pics!!! so enjoy
there are 7 of us. all pompuan and only 1 guy, the driver.
-1st day, flight kul 9.10a.m

dlm aerotrain with my mom and my aunts(redz ade tp die diri)

scenery otw frm jakarta to bandung(2 hours journey)

then dh smpi bandung, trus pgy kt our hotel called RUMAH EBO. aftr ltak bag sme, trus kluar blk pgy pasar baru carik kain lace. im not gonna lie, i had fun buying kain lace. x pernah in my life rse syok gle bli kain. mesti korg pelik nape i ske bli kain ni? die nye tauke has a good sense of humour. i was like laughing so much until my tummy hurts! die ade 2 kdai, satu nme kdai die MANGGO, stu lgy ZARAA. hahaha cannot go btol nme kdai die. owh btw nme tauke kdai ni DJ DEV. hahaha. aftr kt psr baru dlm kul 5 ptg sne kot kteorg grak pgy RUMAH MODE plak. this is my favourite place to shop in bandung. dlm kul 8 bru kteorg abis shopping. rmai gle org m'sia kt stu. i pn ddk tggu kwn my aunt, kak ain n kak faezah byr bju dorg, i ngan redz lpak la kt luar then i usha this one guy. hensem gle, rpenye2 nye dieorg m'sia, my mom ckp ngan family that guy. waktu tgh ddk2 tu i pn ckp2 ngan redz then suddnly ade i prasan that guy amik gbr kteorg using camera. mmg jelas kot die hala camera tu kt kteorg, i was like aphal mamat ni amik gmbr ni. die ngan family die chow, i pn chow. kteorg grak pgy PARIS VAN JAVA. hotspot kt bandung. mcm kt the curve la tp i rse lgy gempak. had dinner yg i x tau ape nme kdai die. n mengusha org kt luar. x sangka gak rmai gak org hensem kt bandung ni. i was like mencuci mate 24/7. hahaha ok ni pic die eh.

1st: kt my hotel, dpn my room, 2nd: ngan redz dlm kdai jual kain, MANGGO
(1st: nk msk PARIS VAN JAVA. 2nd: kt dlm toilet paris van java, ada kolam ikan kot tu yg cermin die jauh)

kt dlm n luar restaurant i dined in.

air ice tea with peach syrup and chiken steak

dats all for the 1st day of my trip. next post is about my 2nd day of my trip.

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going on a trip!!!

hey guys, im going to BANDUNG tomorrow!!! 4 days trip!! be back by tuesday nite bru arrive here. so do not text me unless u guys nk kurangkn kredit korg ngan my kredit. sori to fafa,lynn n darl for x test u guys sbb my krdit is ZERO! tp i bru top up so i'll be texting u guys soon. tgh bz packing rite now. be back soon guys!!! love ya. RINEE, i miss u!

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door to door

i dunno whether u guys had watch this mv or not but its really2 good story that i recomend u guys to watch it. its also based on a true story. this mv hv american version and japanese version. ive watched japanese version, n i cried a lot watching this mv. its really touching....i dun hv pictures for the mv. couldnt find it but i found only 1 pic. here is the synopsis of the mv:
  • These dramas are based on true stories about young men overcoming illnesses. "DOOR TO DOOR" is inspired by Bill Porter, an American door-to-door salesman who achieved the highest sales for his company despite suffering from cerebral palsy.
on the pic is the main character, i think hes kinda cute, his name is nino. so here's the link to watch the mv, hope u like it like i do.it has 10 parts, i'll only link to the user channel.

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tagged by lynn

Name 20 people you can think of off the top of your head. Do not read the questions until you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. lynn
2. fafa
4. darl
5. redz
6. tasya
7. zila
8. kiki
9. mat
10. luqman
11. eiyman
12. ikram
13. apit
14. acap
15. nissa
16. apai
17. bryan
18. aliff
19. taufiq
20. fiza

How did you meet 14?
kt kolej

What would you do if you had never met 1?
mayb group chubby kekurangan ahli kot

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you?
mat ok la, tp fiza??? ngan hantu aku x nak!!!

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
big NO for that

Describe no 3.
org jawa.meletop always

Do you think 8 is attractive?
for me...i think yes

Do you know anything about no 12's family?
very well cuz he's my cousin

Tell me something about 7.
kerepeng abis. kteorg pnggl die rangka bergrak

What is no 18's favourite?
ntah, merokok kot

What would you do if no 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
woi ni cousin aku bkn awek aku

What languange does 15 speak?

Who is 19 going out with?

How old is 16 now?

When was the last time you talked to 13?
dh lme...xpe dis sat jmpe

Who is no. 2's favourite singer?
mayb korean not sure

Would you date no 4?
yes only bff date la

Would you date no 17?
yes if he single n he want me...hahaha

Is 15 single?

What is no 11's last name?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 10?

Which school does 3 goes to?
nottingham u

Where does 6 live?
batu pahat

What is your favourite thing about no 5?
prangai sebijik macm aku

And now I'm tagging:

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10/04/2009 & 11/04/2009

ok on the 10th me, lynn and fafa decided to meet at klcc around 6pm,
dh smpi klcc meet fafa,neena n her bf, kt convention center la, pgy pc fair, mkn dinner kt foodcourt, mkn dessert kt foodcourt n tbe2 plan nk tdr rmh fafa jd but kteorg x bwk bju pape tp xpe la
kul 9 lbey grak pgy rmh fafa naik tren arrive stesen tasik selatan kul bpe pn x ingt, then pgy sumwhere beli cd, then blk ke rmh fafa, mkn kuey teow,cheese tart n milo ais kaw2 pnye, mmg full thp max, then tgk cte beverly hills chihuahua until 1 sumting in the morning, naik blk fafa on9 n tgk gmbr waktu zmn muda2(so rindu zmn skolah) owh btw darl ade gmbr u waktu form brape ntah, waktu tu u x pkai spec lagy...hahaha. n i semgt cbn u knoe, pkai full set bju cbn hahaha, x bwk bju la tgk2 gmbr skali wak jon cmmt ngan fafa, n kteorg suro die bgtau rinee to on9 so pkol 4 sumting kot she's on9 n kteorg borak2 then sme ngantuk nk mampos! then tdr pkol 5 kot
then @ 8.30am i bgn tp lynn n fafa still tdr so i smbng tdr blk, kul 9.30 bgn blk tp dorg still tdr so i pn tgkla magazine skola, nak main my hp cannot sbb battery dh dead...huhuhu...tggu smpi dorg bgn then on9, then mandi then turun to hv brunch lps tu pgy tmn fafa bli taugeh, then lpk2 ingt nk blk tp mak fafa x bg suro tggu smpi lunch, then we all pn pgy mcd bli ice cream, then hujan lbat gle so lpak kt luar, took tons of pictures, then mkn tgh hari at 4pm then lpak2 lgy, kul 5 stengah bru grak frm rmh fafa(thanx for sending me kt rmh n for the sleepover)

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i present u, BOBOW

well its my bear that i sleep with, i can sleep without it but i like hug this thing bcuz mcm geram ble peluk die
eventhough certain ppl ckp this thing mcm alien but i dont care, for me i think he's really cute
now aftr all the talking, i present u MR BOBOW

sori la, i x tau nk post ape so ju post wateva i want

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