this is crap. dont read this!!!

001. Real Name : Hur'Ain Binti Omar
002. Nickname(s) : Rain, Ain, Hur
003. Age : by july 25th im gonna be 19
004. Zodiac Sign : Leo
005. Male or Female : Female
006. Elementary : Tadika Tunas Jaya( i think la, x ingt dowh)
007. Middle School: SK Convent Bukit Nanas (standard 1-6)
008. High School : SMK Convent Bukit Nanas (form 1-5)
009. College School : Multimedia College(MMC), Kuala Lumpur
010. Hair colour : blackish
011. Long or Short : long, dh lme xde short hair since i skola rendah
012. Loud or Quiet : can be both
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans
014. Phone or Camera : Phone
015. Health Freak : nope!!! look at me and u know it
016. Drink or Smoke : for the ppl that know me, they know the answer
017. Do you have a crush on someone : yup, currently abg jual air jambu near my hse(ntah2 sme umur) dh la mke jambu, bwk lexus bai x ternganga aku kt stu
018. Eat or Drink : both
019. Piercings : yup(ears only)
020. Tattoos : nope(for me this thing is shit, mencacatkn tubuh bdn)
021. Social or Anti-Social: so-sial
022. First Piercing :standard 3, kt rmh my aunt which is a doctor and she happen to hv the gu thingy so i do it for free hahaha until now kalo lubang tertutop pgy kt die sbb free hehehe)
023.First real relationship? not gonna talk about it(zmn muda2
024. First Best Friend :i think adiaa syakirah, still contact with her!!! yay
025. First Award : kalo la aku ni ingt lgy
026. First Kiss : yabadabedu!!!!!
027. First Pet : hamster(died when escaping dri sangkar die tros lari msk toilet than x dpt dislamtkn)
028. First Big Vacation : LOS ANGELES,baby!!!! i wanna go there again!!!
029. First Love at first sight: no comment
030. First Big Birthday : when i was a kid


049. Eating : nasi lauk padang(daging dendeng,sambal cili hijau, gulai ayam)
050. Drink : sirap campur oren
051. Excitement Level : ntah
052. I'm about to : sleep!!!
053. Listening to : beautiful,dirty,rich by lady gaga(man i love this woman)
054. Plan for today : doing pilates workout(gle penat)
055. Waiting for : bandung trip!!!
056. Energy Level :3/10(aftr all that pilates, gle kluar peluh ngan bykknye)
057. Thinking of someone: yabba,yabba
058. Want kids? : a pair
059. Want to get married?: ....
060. Careers in mind? : business woman

Which is better in the boy/girl you like,

068. Lips or Eyes? : both
069. Romantic or Funny? : both
070. Shorter or Taller? : Taller
071. Protective or Caring? : both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous? : spontaneous
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: how about nice hair
074. Sensitive or Loud? : loud
075. Hook-up or Relationship? : relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? : let me think

Have you ever,

080. Lost glasses or contacts : nope
081. Ran away from home : nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: payung ade la
083. Killed somebody : only dlm the sims 2 bcuz im tired of dat sim
084. Broken someone's heart :hehehe idk
085. Been arrested : nope, im a good girl...hahahaha
087. Cried when someone died : duh, i know la i xde perasaan but ble situation like dis u cannot thn la

Do you believe in,

089. Yourself : yup
090. Miracles : not really
091. Love at first sight: Nope
092. Heaven : yes
093. Santa Claus : Nope
094. Tooth Fairy : Nope
095. Kiss in the first date:nk believe bende ni wat ape


097. Is there someone you would want to be with right now? : yup
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now? : yup
099. Do you believe in God? : halo, anybody home??? kalo x believe i dh x wujud la
100. Post as 100 truths and tag people:

1 . darl
2. fafa
3. rinee

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BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS made me cry!!!

(woo bin,eu jung, jun pyo, jan di,ji hoo)
its a k-drama, like many other k-drama, i cried while watching it...huhuhu...poor me(i dh la x ske nangis nnti pening)
this series start early of dis year i think bcuz i start to watch dis series from the 1st week of january kot, x ingt la tp i interested to watch dis series is bcuz its an adaptation of taiwan popular drama ' meteor garden', which i love so much, i already watch the whole drama more than 20 times i guess...hahaha...crazy me!!!

(jan di and jun pyo)
dis drama is about relationship between Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di, jun pyo are from a very high class and rich family and jan di are from not so rich family(regular) la kre nye. jun pyo falls in love with jan di is bcuz of her personality, she doesnt scared of the F4 but she fight the F4 dats why jun pyo start to like dis girl. there are a lot of conflicts in this drama, love triangle between jun pyo,jan di and ji hoo, jun pyo's mother a.k.a the evil bitch, jae kyung, i recomment anybody out there yg blom tgk dis drama u guys should watch dis. u guys can watch it on or kt youtube by typing the title or gbn(which i currently follow this one bcuz the translation are so good, better than the one in mysoju) i stop watching kt my soju aftr episode 7 kot, x ingt... rinee!!! if u nk yg good nye translation u should watch kt youtube nye.

(few scene from the drama)

well diss bbf is going to finish soon, tday i woke up around 8.00am trus bkk my lappy to watch the 24th episode of dis drama(dieorg ckp last episode is 24 but story die mcm pnjg lgy je) i was crying like crazy dis early morning!!!! tonight my mom pnye turn plak nangis kalo die tgk mlm ni...hahaha, rinee u tau i x minat goo jun pyo kn but i like his character in this drama, juz hope its finish fast bcuz i cant stand crying la, and why jun pyo need to hv amnesia, dh plak tu die lpe kt jan di sorg je, yg lain die ingt, at first i thought die sje je nk knekn si jan di rpe2 nye its real, i was like crying mcm mati ank...hahaha! dh la ade penyibuk yg terbaru YU MI!!! another bitch yg menyibuk dlm relationship jun pyo and jan di. cant wait for the next episode!!!

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finally, i cuti for only 1 month

well not exactly 1 month tp 4 weeks je but kre 1 month la tu kn
ape my plan for cuti ni??? i thought nk kje part time but dat kje dh x dpt so now im free so nk kua ajk je i k u guys
i cant wait to go BANDUNG!!! on the 18th until 22th kot x ingt la, dis is my 1st trip pgy ngan my own frens slalu juz follow family and their frens....redz u better buat ur pasport now kalo x aku tngglkan ko kt sne...hahaha
tday is my 1st day of cuti, woke up at 8.00am, do my things then nk on9 using my pc, i on it lampu sme ade but on the monitor said there is no signal, i was like 'what the hell happen?' last night pkai ok je smpi satu pg but why no now x ley on, dh la x ley nk pdm blk so i juz switch off the plug. why ble aku cuti ko wat hal plak!!! now aku nk wat ape, mmg still bley on9 pkai laptop but i miss my pc bczu i can play my favourite game in the world 'THE SIMS 2'!!!
x install kt lappy bcuz its too heavy for lappy...huhuhu
ble la my bro nk blk so dat he can repair ape yg rsk with dat pc!shit man!!!
nsb baik pacak x bwk lappy pgy kolej if not im dead of bored
i know hv other stuff to do but on9 is my main things to every day besides finishing eclipse so that i can start reading p.s i love you, play my psp smpi pening or perhaps kemas my room yg mcm sarang tikus ni but i rindu nk main the sims 2 eventhough bru brape hours x main..urrgggghhh!!! how long i hv to wait!!!! hopefully mlm ni die ok.

ok dis is diff thingy, well i kinda like taking pictures but i doesnt hv a pro tekniks, it juz a hobby of mine, btw i juz use my hp, xde camera

ni kt stesen damai waiting zila in the car

kt kolej
ok dats all for tday, tmorrow kalo ae topic i blog if not, nothing la
im gonna watch korean dramas

p.s:LYNN,DARL,FAFA,RINEE... i miss u guys like crazy,even more than words can say!!!!

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juz another tag

what's the most important thing in your life?
-my hp of coz eventhough dh lme tp x rmai org pkai dat why i ske
-my pc ok!!! cannot live without it
-internet(nnti x dpt nk update blog..hahaha)

what is the last thing you bought with your own money?

-plaid shirt

where do you wish to get married?

- i luv garden wedding

how old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

i dunno la, mls nk target

are you in love?
- nope. juz enjoy this single life

where the last restaurant you had dinner?
-my kolej nye cafe

name the latest book you have bought?
-p.s i love you

do you prefer your mother or your father?


name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time?

-zac efron and vanessa hudgens, robert pattison(dh jmpe real life abg jual air jambu near my hse, hensem bai, bwk kete lexus kowt!!!)

christina or britney?
- i nvr like christina, of coz BRIT BRIT!!!

do you do your own laundry?
-washing machine does it for me

the most exciting place you want to go?

-i wanna go to korea again!!! and BANDUNG, ske gle shopping kt sne,nxt month pgy!!! yay

hugs or kisses?

hugs, kiss nnti teringgal kesan hahaha hug best sket

point out 5 things about the person who tagged you?

-my bff
-my gossip partner
-future lawyer yall
-org yg sgt baik(ahaks)
-skrang dh semakin hot!!

8 things i am passionate about?
-plaid shirt
-psp(dh lme x main)
-books(yg interesting to read la)
-lady gaga( i know she's weird but i love her)
-caramel ice blended(coffee bean)
-moist choc cake

8 things i say to often?
-oh my god

8 books i've read recently?
-hot magazines
-p.s ilove u
-metro paper
jokes book
-tu je la

8 songs i could listen to over and over again?
-poker face by lady gaga
-let me think about it by ida corr
-right round by flo-rida
-get over it by ok go
-nobody by wonder girls
-i do by rain
-evrytime we touch by x ingt la
-in the end by linkin park

5 things i learned last year? (is it subjct or what??)
-i've grown up
-drive a car
-im happy

people to tag?

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ronda2 KL

ok dis week is such a hectic week
im so bz dis week but thank god dh abis class
no more classes bcuz next week FINAL exam kot!!!
wish me luck k
ok my last day i jd drver for dis 2 guys yg i rpt gak la kt kolej
1st anta apai kt rmh die kt taman kosas, ampang. dis guy x brape rapat la juz ske kaco2 die bkn rapat gle la, die ajk lpak sumwhere near his hse but i refuse takot lmbt amik my mom,(sori eh apai nnti ko blanja lah aku), rmh die ok la, mmg pelusuk ampang aku rse then lpak jap kt swimming pool sbb mat nk hisap his 'cigarette stick'(now dh biase with dat environment)
aftr dat trus grak gy vi nk anta mat tp phm2 la otw gy sane mane ade jam kn so berbual la the two of us
rpe2nye bru i found yg dlu i sme tmpat tuition ngan dis guy, seriously x prnh nmpk die kot. terkejut kot, dh la waktu die kt vi dlu i x prnh knal die and now dh rapat ngan mamat ni, well biase la ssh nk pisahkn bdak cbn ngan vi(ahaks)hahaha, x ley bla statement ku
dh bual2 tbe dh smpi rmh die near vi la, lps tu lpak dlm kete jap sbb die nk terangkn mcm mane aku nk blk nnti so listen je la
then chow dri rmh die mle2 ikut guide die then after 2nd flyover i tros keliru, then nmpk signboard gy dataran merdeka tros msk stu bcuz starting frm there i dh tau jln dh
dlm 2 jam kot i drve dri kolej pgy anta bdak2 ni blk pttnye guys yg kne anta gurls blk dgn slmat but vice versa la now...hehehe
aftr dat kol 4.30 pgy kfc bli drve tru bcuz i dh lapar nk mampos x mkn lagi, then blk mkn kul 5 my mom dh call suro amik die
well nsb baik la aku ni dh biase menghntr org, xpe now i help ppl, nnti ppl help me back rite
k la nk tdr...ngantuk

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tagged by LYNN

4 movies i like
  • the lords of dogtown
  • twilight
  • 10 thing i like about you
  • mean girls

4 movies i could watch over and over
  • devils wear prada
  • step up 1&2
  • she's the man
  • bring it on

4 tv shows i like
  • gossip girls
  • k-drama(currently boys over flower)
  • the nanny
  • f.r.i.e.n.d.s

4 of my favorite things to eat
  • mom's cooking(anything she cook)
  • mcdonalds
  • western
  • sushi

4 places i'd rather be
  • korea( wanna go there again)
  • gold coast, australia( nk pgy lgy skali)
  • bandung, indonesia(goin' there next month!!!)

4 things i look forward to
  • reunited with all my frenz(esp rinee!!!)
  • downsize my size(hehehe...dream on)
  • have a bf that can satisfy me with his money( im very materialistic person...hahaha)
  • buy a lot of plaid shirt!!!

2 people you want to tagged
  • darl(i miss u!!!)
  • rinee(love ya)

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ok, tday like always class start @ 8.30am, kuar rmh kol 7.10am mcm tu la
stuck dlm jam of coz, around 8.20 bru smpi kolej, then 8.30 gi breakfst jap
8.50 msk class tp lecturer x smpi2 lgy, kol 9.15 bru die smpi
gle bsn class tu, aftr class trus blk rmh bcuz bru kol 10.30 kot, next class kol 4.30 hahaha
then blk tdr dlu, then bru siapkn my assignment sme, then kol 4 kuar rmh nk gi kolej blk
hujan lbat gle nk mampos, i pon bwk ngan slow nye, x laju mcm biase
dh smpi everyone pandang me kt kafe bcuz my bju basah, its only my sweater la
mls nk pkai payung, hehehe lps i bkk bru dorang tau why i pkai sweater bcuz i pkai shirt
kalo x pkai kuyop la aku ni.... then ddk2 jap kt cafe lps tu bru grak gi class
dh msk class, slm 30 min aftr class start acap, mat & the rest of the geng msk klass
then acap tanye aku parking kte kt ne, i ckp la prkng kt tmpt biase
then die cpat suro i gy alih kete bcuz air dh naik kt tmpt i park, banjir kot, serius x dgr dowh dorg wat announcement!!!
aku trus pnggl mizi ajak gi alih kete, mane ade kuar je dri klass ade bunyi mcm siren
aku ngan mizi trus berlari gy tmpt parking, cuak kot, dh la tgh lebat
dh smpi kt tangge nk pgy prkng mane ade aku ngan mizi terkejut
air dh naik dowh, dh smpi my lutut ok, mizi kne bkk kasut die, i bkk selipar je
then i ckp ngan mizi amik gmbr ni best ni tp i x bwk hp la plak
mcm kt pantai waktu nk jln gy kte, my car is next to his la
mane ade aku mengigil waktu nk drve kuar tu, bwk slow je bcuz air dh tinggi
then dh park kt higher ground kteorg pn msk blk klass
mizi berkaki aym the whole way, poor him and die kuyop kot, i pkai sweater so bkk je sweater kering la aku ni
ble msk je class mane ade kne bhn ngan mat,alloy,luqman,roy
dorg was like " ooooooo, korg gy mane ar smpi bsh2 ni, wat ape ar??"
bengong btol la mamat2 ni, sje je kne kn aku
then tgh sbok blaja tbe2 fiza tgur ckp cbe tgk luar klcc kne cover ngan awan, i pn amik la gmbr

then aftr class redz dh blk dlu bcuz bapak die dh ade kt gate
me ngan tasya gy ronda2 kolej amik gmbr banjir...hahaha xde kje langsung
nsb baik dh alihkn kte if not abis la my lovely myvi.... air dh naik lgy tinggi kot
mne ade rmai org bertengek kt tepi amik gmbr n stuck x ley nk naik blk hostel dorg

the carpark yg i slalu parkng kte

jln nk pgy hostel...yg 2 pompuan tgh mengharungi banjir tu is my fren, fina and sue

awas kwsn banjir!!! yg bertenggek kt tp tu aloy,sidek,apai,roy,mat(yg bju belang2)

aftr all that i pn decide blk la rmh, smpi rmh tgh syok lpk kt ruang tamu tbe2 dgr bunyi kucing
my mom suro cek ade org buang kucing kt our hse ke
i pn jenguk la luar rpe2nye "garfield" yg memekak
this kt is kucing singgah, always dtg singgah my hse, i pn ske main ngan die
he so cute,chubby owh ske la kaco die, garfiels is not his real name but i dunno his real name so i juz call him garfield

wow tday is quite interesting day for me hahaha
sori xde gmbr while i tgh mengharungi banjir, x bwk hp dat tyme, mizi pn sme
dats all ya'll

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i noe dh lme gle x update but seriously bz at the moment or probbly xde mood
k well this past few weeks i've been bz making my interactive cd smpi i forgot my parents bday!!!!
poor them tp i still wish them juz lmbt.... dont blame me!!! blame my lecturer for making me suffer!
tday is the day that we should present our interactive cd
thank god mine goes well, its only me and taufiq nye cd yg perfectly siap!!!! bkn nk berlagak la...hehehe
yang org lain nye kinda boring later i will tnjk my assignment, i hv to lkis all the thing
dh la aku x ske melukis...huhuhu but it turn out good
tp we all hv to present again this wed for more marks!!! arghhh gle penat la
dh la pepagi bute aku dh terpacak kt kolej tu, padahal my class kol 12.30 kot
kol 8.30 dh ade kt stu, then dh siap mine i kne tlg plak my frens wat link,button sme
sme org start part tu...mmg memeningkn btol la flash ni
then me,redz n mat pgy print our cd cover kt w.maju
lps tu grak gi nz, breakfast la...lpr dowh
me n redz order maggi goreng...wakaka, pepagi dh mkn maggi
mat order roti canai & roti telor( byk btol mamat ini mkn) eventhough die tgh sakit tp melantak x ingt dunia( mentang2 org blanja)
then we all bla gy kolej blk to pgy present our cd

k, ni topic lain sket
to mat,alloy,roy,zila,tasya mmg aku bwk aku nye psp evry single day utk korang main
smpi aku kne bwk charger everyday sbb korg non stop main
hahaha, xde kne mengena langsung apsal la aku tulis bende ni

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