seriously mls nk blog!!!

dh lme gle kot x update my blog, nothing interesting happen in my life for the moment, huhuhu
well rite now tgh short-sem so quite packed la my schedule, eventhough ade 3 subjk je n satu kawad, urgh i hate kawad, ingtkn zmn skola je rpe2nye kolej pn kne, dh la ade test lgy tu
nk kuar pn ssh cuz my class start @2 ends @7pm evryday except friday(i can go out on this day)
dh nk abis dh sem ni. by the end of june i habis la then cuti for another month. well seriously xde pape yg menarik out my life. so if anything interesting that i wanna tell u guys i'll be update my blog. owh btw last friday i had my very 1st karaoke. hahaha mcm batak je. well its quite interesting la tgk la tmpt mne korg pgy kan. cant wait to do it with my frenz. nk dgr suara itik u guys. owh another thing i juz made a twitter account. if u guys ade twitter plz come and follow me. hahaha. pndi2 carik la. lpe plak my url. ok dats all for now. owh another thing. soon i'll be making blog for my mom business which is hantaran so ble dh siap nnti i bgtau u all so kalo ade siblings yg nk kawen tu jgn segan2 recommend kan eh. hehehe.

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