Finals Exam Week!!!

well tday is the 2nd day of my finals!!! yesterday paper is PENGAJIAN MSIA... thank god dh lps bcuz i hate this subject. Tday paper is PROJECT MANAGEMENT. wow i quite like it cuz i answer like a lot in the essay section. so i can score this paper. well 2 down, 4 more to go!!! Tomorrow paper is all about calculation, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT!!! woohoo need to rmmber all the formula to score this paper. i hope i can. pray for me plz. hahaha pdhal xde org bace for now. then on THURSDAY is MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING!!! subject i really2 love cuz its so damn easy!!! then on FRIDAY i have 2 papers, ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOR & MANAGING INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY. wow i really2 cant wait to finish all the papers!!! then on SATURDAY, in the morning i have FINAL PRESENTATION, then on the evening i'll be heading to FLY FM 4TH BIRHDAY at OU!!! too bad someone im expecting to go with doesnt want to go there... urgghhh. ok got ot study!!! bye...

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