Happy 19th Birthday to ME!!!

well my bday starts very early, well i guess evryone got their wishes at 12am rite? me too but my bff doesnt wish n guess what i x prasan pon u guys x text me...hahaha
thanx for the wishes for those yg wish me k!
then by 1++am i tdr then by 1.45am i dikejutkn by my mom cuz my bro sakit, so had to send him to clinic.
1st pgy damai hospital kt melawati tp dieorg x trima prudential nye card, then bwk pgy sentosa hospital n idk where exactly this hospital tp have to go trough bulatan pahang yg ku x ske.
then my bro jmpe doktor, then chow blk rmh, around 3 sumthing smpi then i continue to sleep.
then 4am my mom kejot me lgy ckp my bro still in pain so my mom suro i anta ampang putri, finally die kne admitted bcuz kne sleepdisc, then tggu jap around pkol 5++ chow pgy anta my mom kt kl sentral bcuz die nk pgy klia. she's going to BANDUNG again!!!! then me n my dad blk rmh, smpi dlm 6 sumthing sbb rmai bdk sekola nk pgy sekola i nmpk. then continue my sleep. then 8.30am dh kne bgn nk siap jmpe rkn2 ku yg disygi.

9++am i kua anta my dad kt ampang puteri then pth blk pgy w.maju amik darl then off to klcc. the 1st person yg arrive is qila! hahaha. then me and darl. then lynn & fafa tlh membuatkn ku png kepale sbb dorg x smpi2. dh i sleepy gle. then fafa text me that she cant make it, i pn dgn mmpunyai perasaan brase sedey. tp nsb baik korg wat mcm ni juz to suprise me. KAMSAMHAMNIDA to fafa,lynn,darl n qila. well then tgk wyg cte bengong tp dpt hang out ngan u guys.then aftr mv fafa had to go so tinggal the 4 of us only. me and lynn melantak jap bcuz im so damn hungry! then off to hantar lynn and darl di tmpt yg spttnye. hahaha

aftr jd drver i blk rmh n sleep bout 10 minits then off to hospital bcuz my mak long dtg visit my bro. then i got bday present which is CASH!!!! baby. thanx kak eyna. then ddk jap. 6pm off blk rmh cuz my dad dh pnat. stuck in mrr2 for quite some time and finally im home and damn tired.
so enjoy the pics yg mmg x byk and darl u satu gmbr pn x msk.

thanx for the presents and cake, babes

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